Sunday, January 02, 2011

new year, new stuff

Before I show off my sale purchases I have a few guardian angels to thank: Prêt à Porter, who said she wouldn't be going crazy during the sales and is determined to buy less this year; OnlyCoolCats, who told me she would be showing some restraint this sale season and only buying things on her list; last but not least fleurette, who gave me a gentle warning not to get sidetracked. Thanks to these ladies I was able to avoid getting caught up in sale season frenzy. Instead of coming home with a bunch of trendy items (I was this close to buying distressed Balmain jeans), I focused on items that I knew I would wear often simply because they are slightly different versions of things that I reach for time and time again. This may sound boring but I think I did a great job supplementing my wardrobe.

So here are three of my sale purchases, all in the same outfit:

leather pants

hermes bracelet

Nili Lotan boyfriend shirt (Intermix online sale) // unknown label cropped leather pants (Roundabout designer resale boutique/NYC) // Hermes collier de chien gold and black leather cuff (consignment)


  1. Cheers to you! I just cleaned out my closet and have pared it down to only the essentials. My first instinct is to fill it up again immediately, but so far have shown some restraint. Thanks for the inspiration to shop smart. Beautiful cuff by the way!

  2. You look amazing! Love those pants! And that hermes is just TDF!

  3. snazzy. i love the whole ensemble.
    i saw your message re: c21 and winced, lol. i've been ducking that place like the plague. every TIME i go in there i leave a couple hundred lighter. wtf...

  4. I know it's an oldie but goodie but you did good with that Balenciaga belt. I love the way black + gold look together. Nice white shirt too.
    Now that I've got a big crack in my computer screen (oops!) I realllly have to be responsible.

  5. gorgeous! simple with great accessories


  6. follow up:
    NOT a STITCH of ro at c21. they did have a lot of slub tees, but that's it. lots of other stuff tho...

  7. Great buys! Love that bracelet!

  8. your style is a winneerrr !
    i love the touch of that belt !
    its sooo pretty :)

    glisters and blisters

  9. Congratulations on new purchases. You don't need any guardian angels,You always choose the best of the bests:)
    And..yes,You keep tempting me with Your hermes cuffs. I think I cannot resist any longer,are they also on sale at the moment?

  10. STILL have not managed to get a CdC. Sooooon......

  11. you are the consignment-specifically the Hermes consignment-Queen!

    Gah! I don't want to know how much you got that cuff for. I love mine to death.

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