Thursday, February 10, 2011

wardrobe planning

Here are just a few examples of the type of look I'll be going for as soon as the heavy wool coats and puffy down jackets are stored away. I own almost everything I need to copy these looks, I just need a few fill-ins.

One of my favorite features in other blogs is when bloggers re-visit shopping lists they made at the beginning of each season to see how well they stuck to their resolutions. This is my attempt at a shopping list and I plan to revisit it around August.

"Needs" (quotation marks necessary as I use the term very loosely):
- Crisp, white, slightly boxy sleeveless button-down shirt. I already found a few candidates online, but it's early in the season and I want to have a few more options before I take the plunge.
- Classic black (patent?) leather loafers. I love my Louboutin Rollerballs but I need a pair without spikes that I can also wear to work.

- Maison Martin Margiela leather shopper in the gray color. This bag is already available for pre-order from LuisaViaRoma but I would rather see it in person first. It should be available at the MMM store in NY soon.
- Frank Gehry for Tiffany sterling silver torque bangle. I fell in love with this bracelet ever since I saw it at the Gehry for Tiffany debut several years ago. I should have bought it back then as the price has since skyrocketed. If I start saving money now until mid-August, I can use my birthday as an excuse to finally buy it. That's the plan anyway.

The following items are not very specific, I will hold off for the right price (consignment, sales, eBay) and/or until I "fall in love" with an item:
- A colorful Missoni piece for summer. I would love a bikini but they never seem to sell the tops and bottoms separately. I could go for a nice kaftan or tunic also.
- Classic black pointed-toe pumps. Just bought a pair of Louboutins.
- A pair of tan heeled (non-stiletto) sandals that go with everything. This is proving more difficult to find than I thought. Why is it that designers only make flats or 5-inch heels, nothing in between?!

Always on the lookout for:
- Ann Demeulemeester open lace-up boots in the original tan color. If you know anyone or spot them anywhere... size 35, 35.5 or 36.
- Original Helmut Lang items from when he was still designing.
- A particular black Rick Owens jersey skirt. It's a maxi skirt, kind of twisted in the front with an open slit. I missed out on it last spring and would love to stumble upon it again.

So there you have it - 10 items for spring. I have very little faith in my ability to only stick to these 10 items so my goal is simply not to go overboard and stray too far from my list.


  1. Owning a missoni caftan would be a dream. I know there is an amazing one that Rachel Zoe wears in her style guide book.

  2. I've always loved the look of a classic Missoni zig-zag knit - but I've never seen a piece that felt rightly me. A bikini sounds awesome - too bad I only ever wear one on holidays and I need them to be proper ones I can swim and dive in, and I don't quite trust them to hold up...

    The Frank Gehry cuff is very cool. My dream Tiffany cuff is the Elsa Peretti bone cuff, but I'm still waiting to properly "fall in love" (as you say) with it to see if I truly want it. It's more of something I'm admiring from a distance for now.

    I like your spring looks!

  3. What about Repetto Zizi for your black patent oxfords/loafers you're looking for? I own a pair and they fit like a glove ! You should give them a try !

  4. Pret: I would love a Missoni caftan. Maybe I'll get lucky on gilt or Filene's Basement...

    Lin: Yes, those Missoni bikinis are definitely more of the "poolside lounging" variety! Though I would love one just to wear under a flimsy summer dress as well.

    Jennifer: Thanks for the recommendation! I had a pair of Repetto shoes once, I can't find them any more but I remember them being extremely comfortable. I will definitely keep them in mind.

  5. Awesome list. I should make one too. :)

  6. Crisp, white shirt is on my must-have list too.Unfortunately the simple items are the hardest to find.
    Loafers would be also more than welcome in my closet, but haven't decided which color, maybe black ones or maybe leopard.hmm thinking:)

  7. love the white top and black leather bottom idea - its pretty much my standard ensemble when running casual errands.

    i need black leather loafers and ballerinas in matte leather - all my todd's are in patent... and now it got just too much ...