Tuesday, May 19, 2009

philly buys

my plan of wearing my balenciaga leather skinnies throughout the day and through the night were foiled by the boiling hot weather in philly on saturday. i abandoned my buddies for a few hours to do some emergency shopping.

current/elliot jeans:


these current/elliots were such a relief to put on after peeling off my leather skinnies, i wore them right out of the store (they are actually cropped length so i didn't even have to hem them.) these days i can barely bring myself to put on my skintight jbrands after wearing boyfriend fit jeans and had been looking for an alternative for spring. i also wore these on the train ride home, but by the time i got to penn station they had stretched out so much, i went and bought a $5 leather belt from a shoe-shine place. didn't want to moon anyone on the subway ride home!

i am always on the lookout for slouchy cotton dresses. they are harder to come by than you would think, it seems everything nowadays is made up of modal or jersey.

vanessa bruno athe 100% cotton dress:


i could easily have done a lot more damage - philly has quite a few cute boutiques and it's refreshing to shop a different city - but i did manage to exert some self-control. the two items i brought home were on my "needs/things to look out for" list already. i almost bought some cheap things from h&m but decided against it and i'm glad i did. philly's zero% clothing tax was a welcome treat as well.

*** and to brookandlyn, i wear the steven alan bloomers to bed, in lieu of traditional PJs or boxers (although i do own a few steven alan women's boxers as well). they're great in the summer, and they always have a bunch on sale at the steven alan outlet on the UWS. i have sizes from S through M/L, whatever pattern i happen to find on sale. i definitely could not wear them under most of my clothing!


  1. I really love that dress and the way you wear it with the blazer! Oh man the only thing I miss about living in Philly is the 0% clothing tax!!!

  2. 0% clothing tax?? Wow!

    And yeah, yeah, use the weather as an excuse, you would have bought those gorgeous jeans at some point!

  3. these looks are sooo perfect... i that top in the first pook it looks soo comfortable

  4. I love how relaxed the first outfit looks. The jeans look great on you. I love Current/Elliott jeans for their comfyness. They are so soft. I have the skinny slouch ones. Unfortunately they've stretched out a full size too. Need a belt as well ;-)