Sunday, January 03, 2010

new year

i went over my clothing budget by a couple hundred bucks due to some fabulous post-christmas sale finds, which is why i decided to spend new year's weekend in philly rather than partying it up back home in new york. nothing blows a budget quite like a weekend in nyc - pricey drinks and too many shopping temptations!

(Les Chiffoniers stonewashed suede pants; Ann Demeulemeester textured biker jacket; Rick Owens cashmere poncho with leather collar; Rick Owens ankle boots)

all were at least 50% off retail.

- i didn't realize my les chiffoniers pvc pants were such a wardrobe staple until i created the "2009 favorites" slideshow. i was elated to find these stonewashed suede ones on sale.
- this ann demeulemeester cropped jacket is perfect. i have been looking for a non-leather biker jacket that i could wear with leather pants (leather pants + leather biker jacket might be overkill.)
- the rick owens poncho is my favorite thing - it's rick owens, cashmere, leather, and 60% off - how could i not take it home with me?!
- i was ready to write off 2009 as a bad year for shoes when i found these rick owens ankle boots on sale online. i'm hoping that these work out so that i can have an alternative to my chloe boots, which have taken a beating this fall/winter (and i'm sure you must be tired of seeing them by now!)

you know you've made good choices when you just can't wait another minute to wear your new purchases. here's what i wore on new year's day...



so glad i decided to stay in philly this long weekend. i was able to relax and work on a few small projects.

i also discovered a great consignment store in philly - actually affordable and the people are nice (last time i was at fisch for the hip in nyc the salesperson assured me that 20% off the original retail price on an old, used hermes bag was a "bargain"!!) i snagged some great, classic pieces that have been on my wishlist for quite some time. these were about 75% off retail - amazing!!

while we're at it, here are some other great things about the city of brotherly love:
- the sandwiches (technically speaking, the "hoagies")
- people, both men and women, still open doors for you or hold doors open, and are on the whole less suspicious and more willing to strike up random conversations than new yorkers. i am still getting used to it.
- the atm machines spit out bills in other denominations besides $20. so if you want to withdraw $50, you can actually withdraw just $50, not $60 as would be the case in ny.
- one bag of groceries cost less than $40.
- no sales tax on clothing and shoes!! i am still amazed when entering my philly address for online orders that the "sales tax" column remains at $0.00. woot woot!

p.s. i know, long post - if you scrolled down this far, thank you.

does anyone want these extra chanel charms? they came attached to the bag but were too noisy for me. i kept two - the black and the white charms - but have no use for the rest. if enough people show interest we can do a giveaway - just leave a comment showing interest (i don't want to include any readers who don't want the charms) and a way to contact you and i'll pick someone at random next sunday. they're fun! the blue one also has "chanel" written on the back and the pink one has a little drawing and "ne m'oublie pas" ("forget me not" en francais) and the chanel logo on the other side. you can make a little charm bracelet or something...

*edit* hey guys - thanks for signing up! i'm excited to pick a winner! i think i will cut short the giveaway and pick someone by this thursday at the latest, instead of waiting until next sunday as originally planned so that i can mail the charms out by the weekend. i'll make wednesday, january 6th at midnight EST the cutoff time for posting comments.

i really wish i had more cool stuff to give away!


  1. happy new year! your post-holiday purchases look divine.

    i would love a charm. and i also hope that you get the chance to check out my blog too!

    ~pemora/priscilla (

  2. Great looks! I love your consignment finds. Consignment shops are one of my favorite places to scout out gems.

    I'd love a charm also!

    Keep up the great blogging.

  3. charms, I love them tooo!, great blog!

  4. I love what you're wearing in those pictures, and you're so lucky with that bag! It's fabulous :)
    I wouldn't say no to a cute charm like that ^^

  5. Dang..i want to shop with you! you prove that a few fab pieces can take you far but that they don't have to be classic in that preppy way people usually mean. I love that!

    would adore a charm for my baby sister who did a high school paper on coco chanel and named her cats coco and chanel :)

  6. love the new stonewash pants. they fit like a dream.

    i'd definitely be interested in a charm giveaway.

    congrats on all the great finds!q

  7. Wow! You lucky girl! Everything is fabulous!!! And chanel & hermes at 75% off??? Unbelievable!!! Seriously everything is lovely! Also, I never get tired of the chloe ankle boots, they're sooo fab! I look for them on eBay from time to time but I never have any luck with eBay!
    p.s. I love long posts!

  8. I have the ultra mini version of the Chanel charm bag, I can't believe you don't want all of them, they're so cute!

  9. I would love to win a charm...
    These sales finds sound interesting. I've moved to New York atm and feel so lost, tacky clothing is everywhere. So jealous of your Rock Owens stuff.

  10. oooh! Yes! I love those -
    WHat is that cape from New Year's Day?

  11. New to your blog & I'm loving it! You have great style & how wonderful to see a fellow petite gal (I'm 5' tall) rocking great looks - fantastic inspiration. I adore thrift stores for unique items & it sounds like you found a good one. Love the charms to work into necklaces, mismatched earrings or keychains!!

  12. great buys!

    and I love the cape/sweater thing you're wearing.

  13. You have the most amazing wardrobe with killer pieces, how do you keep delicate things like silk work over and over for you? :)

    And the charms...oh yes, pass me one pls :))

  14. i really like the longer posts...keep them coming!

    and i'm also really interested in receiving one of those cute charms! :)

    you can contact me at:

  15. Ooooh, I'd definitely be interested in the charms.

    PS. Out of curiosity, how much did you pay for the Chanel bag?

  16. wow, you are the queen of deals!

    those are all seriously quality, unique pieces...had my eyes on those les chiffoniers leather leggings for a while now.

    and i'm beyond envious of your ultra-classic consignment store finds!

    i am interested in the charms!

    burnthesebones at

  17. Oh, those charms are gorgeous!! I'd love them and am happy to pay for postage and maybe rework at least one of the pieces into a piece of jewellery for you!

  18. I like how you wear that top, with the stack of bracelets.

  19. Love those charms! They're pretty fantastic.

    And on an unrelated note, I just love your style and look forward to new posts. The poncho is fabulous!

  20. Happy New Year! I recently found your blog and have really been enjoying the way you post your outfits. Delurking to request an entry into the Chanel charm giveaway! Thanks!

  21. The charms are super cute and I would love one.
    Loving the stuff you got especially the Rick Owens boots

  22. Look at all your readers crawling out of the woodwork! I'd love to sign up for the giveaway too.

    Contact at @ gmail . com

    (without spaces!) xx

  23. I would love a charm, but I hate to ask lol
    I admire Chanel because she had a difficult life...

  24. Thanks for the info ;) I don't live in your city, but I am do know a great consignment place in mine. Just wanted to get a comparison on prices. But I definitely think you got it for quite a steal ;)

  25. charm, charm, charm!!! I'm late, right :-)
    Love your new pants, though...


  26. do i want a chanel charm?! lol. of course. great sale scores btw.

  27. beautiful rick owens poncho. I'm curious, what's the name of your great consignment store? Also those charms are adorable, I'd love one.

  28. Koko, you always have the greatest finds! a golden touch. The poncho looks great, and I love the Collier de Chien in that color.
    Also like the lying down photograph (with the fur).

  29. I think the charms are very cute! Especially the "Bonne Chance"!

    Love all your Rick Owens items, I'm a huge fan of his pieces too. Happy 2010 :)

  30. philly is deff a place that has to grow on you if you were not born and raised!!! but hope your enjoying!!


    great consignment finds!!

  31. truly fantastic stuff you got there! love how all the pieces are interchangeable .. loving the blog & i would adore a charm

    thanks for the generosity =)

  32. the cashmere poncho!!! *gasps* it's gorgeous!

  33. Love your style/finds as usual, what's the name of the consignment shop, if you don't mind. I live in Philly.

  34. Same question: "what's the name of the consignment shop, if you don't mind...."

    And congrat's on your fantastic purchases!