Monday, January 18, 2010

i wore my new rick owens boots (which i LOVE!!! so comfortable) out in the rain yesterday to toughen them up a little. does anyone else dislike boots that look too new?

i also crossed off "perfect chunky gray cardigan" from my "needs" list, with the help of a gift card from christmas.

apologies for the grainy photograph. it was rainy and dreary yesterday and the light was uncooperative, i had to do quite a bit of editing for brightness.


i finally signed up for my own domain - - though the old blogspot address should redirect here. i found out that my blog is the top search result for "res pulchrae" on google, so i apologize to anyone who tried to look up what the phrase meant and didn't get very far!

"res pulchrae" is latin for "a thing of beauty" or alternatively, "beautiful things."

ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
T by Alexander Wang pocket tank (from Petulia's Folly/Philly)
Rick Owens leather drawstring skirt (from Barneys sale/NYC)
Rick Owens ankle boots
Go Green by Phillip Lim cardigan (from Barneys Co-op clearance/Philly)
Autumn Cashmere fingerless gloves with zippers (gift)
Portolano extra-long cashmere scarf (old, from Filene's Basement/NYC)
sword pendant (from
vintage cross pendant (from Portobello Market/London)

Outfit Details


  1. awesome sword pendant. and i like how the wide sleeves on the cardigan allow for layering.

  2. love the cable knit layering look, almost makes me wish the weather was cooler here so I could bundle myself in multiple layers. But alas not, the sun in shining, and the beach calls..

  3. Gorgeous! I'm glad you love your new boots, they look amazing! And those gloves look really cute! I am kinda jealous of all the amazing stuff you always find at barneys! In Houston we have a barney's coop but they never have anything cute!

  4. I always wondered what res pulchrae meant. Thanks for sharing. I like that cardigan.

  5. how are the boots for comfort? they're lovely here. i saw a suede pair a century21 the other day but didn't get them. kicking myself in the butt for buying the veronique branquinho's i did instead. they're very soft, but a bit too loose on me.

  6. Beautiful name and significance in the title. I love the Baroque ornateness of the cross (reminds me of my favorite of the McQueen clutches; I'd put a link here but don't want to spam your comments. I'll probably post about it soon).

  7. great outfit! i would love to see the fingerless gloves (i'm on the hunt for a pair of my own!)