Thursday, January 21, 2010

work wear

haven't done a work outfit post in a while, probably because the "business casual" dress code (read: collared shirts and no jeans) is even more lax here at my new job than it was at my previous one.

i pretty much dress like a boy, which is fine, i'm one of only two female engineers on this project anyway, may as well fit in ;-)

- pants are usually: Theory; JCrew corduroys; or some random italian brand i find in the clearance section of (these are usually cut narrower across the hips than american brands)
- shirts are usually: Rugby Ralph Lauren (machine washable! pretty rugged, they last forever); James Perse; Theory; whatever shirt i find that does not have bust darts (for some odd reason i've never liked bust darts)
- shoes are usually: my Miu Miu motorcycle boots with the harness taken off; Clarks UK's "desert boot", shown above

i really wish i could post more often than twice a week, but as you can see, i can only have fun with my outfits during the weekend!


  1. I like Theory too because of their small sizings. I really like this work wear post, very inspiring. I'm browsing yoox's pants right now too. Now that I think about it, i dont like bust darts either. From now on I'm only going to buy soft twill or oxford shirts, no more "crisp" shirts.

    Everything fits you perfectly.
    That leather jacket and the desert boots are so cool.

  2. been searching yoox for pants for several months, but have had trouble finding the right cut. i've suddenly grown hips (!!!) and i'm not excited about it, cuz it's another body part to get used to and fit.

    i love the oxford shirts and am also looking for new ones that fit correctly! haha, i'd be in heaven in your closet.

  3. I love when you post work clothes! Its such great inspiration for whenever I'm looking for new looks for work. Love the leather jacket!

  4. I like the work outfits also and wouldnt mind seeing more of them.

  5. re: century 21:
    not sure. going to check today. i've also been ducking it because of the money i spent this past christmas (none of it on me, unfortunately), but i NEEEEED more pants and that's usually the place i check first.

    will look for the rick owens boots as i need a pair of heeled boots. i'm a lazy bum so flats all the way for me, usually, but i'm trying to mix it up this year, lol.

    thx for your comment!

  6. I think you look awesome! I've been considering those desert boots for a while.

  7. I love your work outfits. Clearly, your weekend outfits are awesome, but your work outfits are totally realistic; casual but incredibly tailored and chic (hate that word, but its appropriate here!).

  8. follow up:
    please post more 'man' outfits lol.
    thank you.

  9. i'd also like to say i love your work wear posts! your outfits look comfortable, professional, yet show your personal style. i'd love to see more! they definitely help me. thanks!

  10. OMG Your blog is GOD SENT.
    I am starting to lose my mind being the only girl engineer in the electrical department, I tend to look silly when I dress like a girl. or when I try to fit in, I just end up looking drab.
    I love your desert boots.
    Please post more girl/boy engineer fashion, thanks!

  11. this is so inspiring! i wish i had the right garments so i could dress like how you dress for work!!