Sunday, February 07, 2010

closet cleanout part one

these days my closet cleanouts are less about dumping old clothes than they are trying to figure out why i don't wear certain items as often as others.

take for example this Comme des Garcons dress, which i purchased a long time ago for pennies from a thrift store.


i thought about why i didn't wear it that often and came to the conclusion that it was a little big (it's one size larger than i normally take in CdG) and the length is difficult for me - i would have to wear heels all the time to balance the proportion.

i solved the dilemma by taking it to the tailor and hacking the hem up seven inches. now, rather than it being an awkward length dress, it is a tunic that i can use as a layering piece.


the seamstress did a fabulous job with the hem. she even kept the original style, which is quite a feat considering the delicate silk material.


i felt like i came home with a fabulous new purchase - i can see myself wearing this a lot more often now, in all four seasons.

ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
Nom de Plume by Yaya lace bustier (from Urban Outfitters/Philly)
Comme des Garcons silk tunic/dress (old, from Housing Works Thrift/NYC)
LNA zipper back leggings
Hermes "collier de chien" cuff
Rick Owens ankle boots (from

Outfit Details

also, in my last post someone had commented that a certain Paola Frani skirt seemed to have disappeared from my wardrobe...

i loved that skirt! but back in the day when i was a poor college student i thought i could save on dry cleaning by hand-washing it in cold water. big mistake! i have held on to the skirt despite its sad shrunken state, so if anyone out there has a miracle formula for unshrinking silk chiffon, do let me know :-(

*** last week i finally debugged the javascript i use for the rollover images, so now i can have more than one post on a page. it took a few trials and errors, so i apologize for messing up feeds and bloglovin updates! but pat on the back for me for figuring it out - programming was my least favorite requirement back in college!


  1. omg...i love the look of the tunic. i need to find a good tailor in my neck of the woods.


  2. What a great idea! The tunic looks great. And that's so sad about that skirt! That was an awesome piece.

  3. oh my god...that skirt is SUPER sexy, and not just because the slit is way up centimeters from your crotch :P I love how you wore it with a lazy sweater.

  4. A really great seamstress/tailor is such an asset! They did an amazing job with your dress.

    That slit skirt is amazing!!! I hope it is still wearable in some way...

  5. Woww, the differences that cutting off an extra few inches to any long dress can make! It becomes so much more playful and pretty just does the trick :*) Love what you've done with it! There are just so many things you can do with that piece.

  6. wow. she did an amazing job!
    did you have a trusted seamstress/tailor in new york city? i've been on the lookout for one. got a reference from wendyb, but have not yet needed to go. suggestions?

    sorry about the silk chiffon; wouldn't even know where to begin on that one! perhaps the seamstress can come to the rescue once more?

  7. this is really great and i need to do that more often... i have so many pieces i don't wear because one or two litle things are wrong with them which i'm sure a tailor could fix for like $12. yours did a great job on the dress!

  8. I soo need to cleanout my closet!!!
    I love how the dress turned out! And how you wore it! Too bad about the skirt, it looks beautiful in the pictures!
    p.s. thanks for the comments on my blog, you're soo sweet!!!

  9. that skirt is amazzzzinggg!!! totally love how you wore it too!! gorgeous hun!!

    that's so funny you moved to philly! same here- im still trying to get to know the city ..its hard because its a new place and i don't know many ppl. we should do a blogger's meet up and go for drinks or din din! let me know if you're interested! xoxo

  10. Your seamstress did a great job! I'm totally at the too broke to dry clean everything phase...