Wednesday, February 10, 2010

deja vu

a familiar formula...





one great thing about blogs (or other some other form of a virtual closet) is that you can always look back for some ideas if you ever get stuck on what to wear.

ITEMS (mouse over to view detailed picture)
T by Alexander Wang striped top (from Barneys Co-op/Philly)
Prada mohair vest (old, from eBay)
Go Green by Phillip Lim oversized cardigan (from Barneys Co-op/Philly)
Vanessa Bruno Athe wool shorts (from
DKNY wool leggings
Portolano extra-long cashmere scarf (old, from Filene's Basement/NYC)
sword pendant (from
Chloe Paddington brown boots (old, from
Autumn Cashmere fingerless zipper gloves

Outfit Details

**edit** so i spent part of this snow day catching up on spring and pre-fall 2010 runway shows (super late to the game, i know...) and look what i came across... marni pre-fall 2010... a familiar silhouette, no? hehe...


  1. i really love the shorts + tights look. i finally caved and bought a pair of wool shorts to try it out.


  2. Those shorts look so comfortable and warm...

  3. Both formulas work. I notice I wear the same sort of silhouette over and over. You're making the kimono sleeve cardigan really grow on me. Cool necklaces too.

    -ps. very random, but in one of your work wear posts you mentioned taping the hem of your trousers up. I never thought of that idea so I tried it out today, and it with great success. So thanks for the tip!

  4. You are seriously the queen of layering! No doubt!

  5. snazzy. outfit looks very cozy.
    work wear?

  6. -h: glad the trick worked out! just make sure to take the tape out before dry cleaning/washing! you're way taller than i am though so i can't imagine you taping up pants too often!

    -emmy: ugh, 2 blizzards in less than a week, i have to layer! lol.

    -pennerad: no, this was last sunday's outfit. oddly, marketed the shorts as a way to shake up work wardrobe, but i can't imagine shorts of any kind being appropriate for the workplace (non-creative workplace anyway...)

  7. if there's anything i learned in life it's how to create the illusion of height ;)

    How funny how that formula is the same as yours, right down to the boots even!