Tuesday, February 02, 2010

office space

i did a good job of documenting my weekday outfits last week since i received a few requests for more work outfit posts.

look 1: i was running sooooo late that day, i didn't have time to iron anything so i threw on a chunky sweater to cover everything! Vince sweater, Gucci belt, Theory pants, Miu Miu boots, JCrew coat

look 2: the work version of a weekend look i posted on the blog recently. Dior Jeune Homme striped button-down; Prada mohair vest; Portolano scarf; Ralph Lauren belt; JCrew skinny gray corduroys; Clarks desert boots

look 3: Alara tuxedo shirt; 3.1 Phillip Lim wide leg pants (the hem is duct taped shorter because i wear the pants with heels when not for work!); Design History sweater (this is great - it's cut like a blazer but it's actually a knit, so it fits under winter coats); Loeffler Randall boots

one day i was so bored while waiting for the 2010 update to our CAD software to finish downloading - it took forever - that i snapped some pictures of my office.

since i'm one of the newer members of the team, i got the office farthest from the center of action (i.e., the kitchen), but at least i have it all to myself and i can play whatever music i want.

on my desk on a semi-permanent basis are a caliper, a calculator, black Pilot G-2 0.7 mm pens (my favorite), manuals for various software, an empty Dunkin Donuts coffee cup, as well as an ever-growing pile of unread publications like Design World and Technology Review, much like the ever-growing pile i have at home of Jalouse, L'Officiel, and Vogue Paris!


  1. Cute outfits! My favorite pen is also a pilot, the better retractable ballpoint 0.7mm in blue. I won't write with anything else and everytime I lend one to someone, I always ask for it back immediately! They must be like: "It's just a pen." Haha

  2. i'm always trying to figure out what to wear to work....these outfits are cute!


  3. I love the third outfit. I'm a sucker for pants like that.

  4. I like your work outfit posts (actually I love all your posts) Love the 1st look and how wrapped the sweater. And great look with the knit blazer and long tuxedo vest. I wouldn't mind to find one for myself in either grey or white.

  5. Love your blog! you have great style and I hope to see more of your new updates !

  6. love office wear posts!! i work in a gov't office here in southern america, and so my daily wear is a lot more 'tame' than so many bloggers out there.. but i must make a living!
    so thank you for posting these looks! you look amazing every day, now we see.

    alice d.

  7. thank you for posting this! i work in a large corporate office and am forever stuck on what to wear that's both comfortable, stylish, and professional. :)

  8. Yay for fashion-blogging engineers! I have a similar pile of unread industry throwaways -- with titles like Electronic Design and Electronic Products -- on my desk.

    Belated congrats on your new gig!

  9. my favorites are g-2 pilot .5mm and jetstreams. amazing. obsessed with those two. haha!
    loving the work outfits. it's much how i dress for work in the warmer months, and WOULD still if i was motivated enough or had cooler stuff, lol.
    still ducking century 21......

  10. I love each look. You make me antsy for spring even more than I already am.