Thursday, June 17, 2010

smarter shopping

this skirt is so old. i think it was my first ever mainline "orange label" Missoni piece.

JCrew tank; vintage Hermes belt; Missoni skirt; Fendi bag; Cecil & Jeanne necklace

sometimes i am amazed at what a good shopper i was back in my broke student days. most of my absolute favorite pieces in my wardrobe were purchased when i was still in college.

i realized it kind of made sense. when money was tight and i could only buy one thing every few months, i agonized over every purchase to make sure it was really worth the splurge. now that i have a larger disposable income, i don't spend as much time justifying purchases before handing over my charge card. as a result i end up with things which i don't love as much as those old standbys, and also more impulse buys.

i will try to return to my smarter shopping self. i am still very good at bargain hunting but there is always room for improvement.


  1. That skirt is so beautiful. And you've been really good with integrating your hermes belt into your summer outfits. Signs of a good buy! So true, what you say about when having less, you appreciate things more. I wish I could have one of those fabulous Missoni caftan dresses that Rachel Zoe wears.

  2. I really love all of your missoni pieces! I need to get me some! You look lovely!

  3. Ah, I love Missoni so. Beautiful skirt. And I am just in love with that belt every time I see you in it. Need to find one for myself!

  4. This smart shopper attire of yours is very admirable - and definitely has made me a long time follower of yours (since the StyleDiary days)!

    Fortunately the Internet has brought the possibility to apply these principles even when living in a country where designer item sales are rare. Of course it is not entirely same thing, buying clothes without actually seeing them and trying them on is always a risk. But I'm learning slowly...

  5. I love this skirt - it's just so beautiful and classic. It pairs well with the Hermes belt.

    I need to start being more careful about my purchases too. It's so easy to just pick up whatever come across without a second thought. But, like you said, you're left with a closet that isn't as well-edited as it should be. There's something much more satisfying about agonizing over pieces and finally purchasing them and knowing they're perfect.

    (Be sure to drop by and enter to win a Wendy Mink Jewelry necklace - retail value: $175!)

  6. isn't it funny how if you have "luxury" or name brand items, it's assumed that you're rich? my mom was the most frugal shopper with an amazing talent for unearthing the most miraculous finds. she passed that characteristic on to me and i'm grateful. i hardly ever pay full price on clothes/shoes. food? now that's a different story ;)

  7. gorgeous skirt! and i love it with that belt- seeing how much mileage you get out of the belt really makes me want one.

    i always like seeing the way you re-wear the same pieces. it inspires me to try to be more careful about my purchases. ~joelle

  8. i love that belt!
    i had a larger disposable income during college and so i was more of an impulse buyer then. i'd buy clothing when i ran out, when i was bored, when i passed by ANY was a problem.
    i am definitely a bargainer now, though. we should have a contest. :)