Thursday, July 08, 2010

same old

i hope everyone had a great 4th of july weekend!

mine was pretty much perfect - all i did was sleep, go swimming, and eat often and extravagantly (lobsters, mussels, homemade apple pie with generous scoops of vanilla ice cream.) best of all, i was able to spend time with both friends and family. usually my weekend jaunts are so short that i have to choose either friends or family, but the extra day gave me time for both!

recording daily outfits was the least of my priorities during the mini-break, so here's an old outfit taken before the long weekend:

Cacharel top (super old, from eBay); Etoile Isabel Marant pants (from Third Street Habit/Philly); Chloe platform sandals (old, from

this top is a favorite of mine and perfect for sweltering hot days. it's so big it barely touches my skin and it feels like i'm wearing nothing at all, if that makes any sense...


  1. I love those pants .. comfy without being frumpy whatsoever. Good job!

  2. ahhh, that looks absolutely perfect. i was searching for just about anything that would not touch my skin. closest i came was my a-line skirts. even long flowy dresses seemed too hot over the weekend.
    panama hats are all the rage now with the hipster set. i'm not 'cool' enough i suppose. i wasn't cool enough to wear the floppy hat (it's my friend's) but i thought the same thing: that i ought to get one of those massive kentucky derby type hats. probably could have shaded my entire body.
    can i pretty pleeeeeease come to your next nyc jaunt???? the hipsters are too much. i need NORMAL folks to be sartorial with!

  3. Lovveee this. Those pants are perfection. I would live in them. And the top is so feminine despite being loose. Great look. And your break sounds so enjoyable.

  4. This is great!!!! And it does look perfect for this super hot weather we're having here in TX!