Sunday, April 12, 2009

saturday, april 11th '09

i've been wearing these boots as often as i can because i know i'll miss them when the weather gets warm (if it ever does... it SNOWED on wednesday... wtf.) i bought this cross pendant from portobello market in london but haven't gotten 'round to finding a proper chain for it, so i just strung it through a jersey belt that came with one of my dresses.


ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
Rick Owens Lilies asymmetrical zip top
Herve Leger pants
Balenciaga boy fit blazer
Miu Miu motorcycle boots
vintage cross pendant from Portobello market in London
Elizabeth & James knuckle ring and hammered silver ring from the Met
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Ann Demeulemeester scarf

Outfit Details

by the time i walked out the door my outfit changed slightly with the addition of a shoddy manicure and my ann demeulemeester scarf and topshop ribbed beanie.


oh! and while on the 1 train i sat across from cynthia nixon, she ran in right as the doors were closing at either the 86th or 79th st. stop, i forgot which. she was wearing these awesome greenish alligator (?) boots and white jeans, which i was a little puzzled by because white pants are never a good wardrobe choice for stormy weather like we had yesterday. she looked lovely even without makeup, her pale pale skin is absolutely flawless. that makes two subway sightings this year, the first being caroline kennedy on the 6 train. i have yet to see mayor bloomberg on the train though he swears he rides it. that would be quite economical, he lives 4 blocks away from the 77th st stop on the 6 and it goes straight to city hall. yeah right he takes the subway.


  1. Cynthia Nixon lives on the UWS! I used to live near Lincoln Center and saw her on the 1 train quite often! Sometimes she was with her baby boy and nanny and once her baby sat next to me! So cute!!!

    and p.s. I plan on wearing my miu miu boots in the summer.. I don't care if it's hot! lol.

  2. My best sighting was Dustin Hoffman on broadway. So tiny and so cute.

    Another easy yet stylish outfit. I'm a big fan of your choices.

  3. I can see why you'll miss those boots they are awesome..I wanted to get a pair last year when they went on sale but I never found my size. Love your jewellery and RO top...I love your entire outfit as usual. And how cool that you get train sightings...I love near LA (kind of) and have yet to see a celebrity once (A-list, B-list, whatever... )!

  4. hi! I found you on stylediary a long time ago (I'm black_and_go) and I love that you branched out and made a blog :)

  5. Mayor Bloomberg most definitely does NOT take the subway. I refuse to believe the richest man in NYC would go where the mole people live. As in the words of Blair Waldorf, "Rats go underground. Not Waldorfs." (Check, Bloombergs.)

  6. well i can see why you're getting every last bit of wear out of those boots! they are gorgeous. i have been doing the same- i'm going to cry when i can't wear my ann d pair anymore.

    i love your cross necklace too. i have one i've been having trouble styling, fearing i look like... a nun when i wear it. i may have to try your idea of using a ribbon instead of a chain.

    oh and your subway sighting is a great one! even better that she was on the subway. yesterday was a big day for sightings for me- pete from 30 rock at city bakery, and carson from queer eye for the straight guy at a preview/party. so random. ~joelle