Sunday, April 19, 2009

saturday, april 18th '09

oooh spooky... (i was having trouble with my camera's remote control the other day, but all is well now.)


my enjoyment of the gorgeous weather was somewhat marred by all the booty shorts and muffin-top emphasizing tanks i witnessed this past saturday. c'mon people, it's not like it was 100 degrees and humid. maybe i'm just getting old.

and since when is a vanilla cone with chocolate dip (my "usual" from the ice cream trucks - i LOVE ice cream, but i am lactose intolerant so i just suffer through the pain... isn't life cruel) $4.00?! say what???!!!

ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
Maje oversized tee
Rick Owens Lilies drawstring pants
Furla modal scarf
Alaia lace-up kitten heels
Elizabeth & James knuckle ring, inherited diamond ring, and Met Museum hammered silver ring

Outfit Details


  1. OH man I'm with you on the muffin tops...uhmmm...un-appreciation. I didn't think it was flip flops, short shorts weather yet for sure...

  2. I love this. Those shoes are gorgeous! And I really like the first photo.

  3. I LOVE the effect in the first photo.
    Sorry for the completely off the topic of fashion question but I noticed your comment about being lactose intolerant. I was advised to cut dairy for a while to help with my hayfever but it was for quite a short time. Only now my sister has been diagnosed with Crohn's and also advised to cut dairy; it seems that milk seems to feature as a problem in a lot of peoples' diets. So where does everyone get their calcium if not milk/cheese etc? Do you know if it's just calcium supplements?

    Anyway - back on topic. Gorgeous heels - they make me want to dance :)

  4. ^^ hey pretty face. sorry to hear about your sister. tropicana makes orange juice with calcium + vitamin d (you need the vitamin d for your body to absorb the calcium) which i drink every morning. i still eat a lot of ice cream and drink cappuccinos and lattes, i just take lactaid pills beforehand. i do take centrum every day, i'm not sure if i need more than that at this point in my life. i don't think calcium is one of those minerals that gets flushed away like vitamin c, so i'm not sure if there's such a thing as too much calcium, which is why i'm hesitant to take supplements while i'm still young and healthy. good question though, definitely food for thought...

  5. the first picture is a beautiful mistake!

  6. I adore this outfit! Relaxed and cool. NY people get over excited when warm weather hits...Hello from HK!