Thursday, April 30, 2009

sunday, april 26th '09

well the weather is back to seasonal norms now but here's what i wore last sunday during the heat wave. i guess this is my contribution to the "cropped tee outfit" category in the fashion/style blogosphere.


ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
lace bralette
Seneca Rising cropped tee
Rick Owens Lilies skirt, folded in half
Soixante Neuf tusk necklace
nude leather flip flops from Scoop

Outfit Details

i wore the lace bralette over my more practical but unattractive bra because the tee is cut quite low.

i was not out for very long since i'm not a big fan of the heat. i bought some filet mignon and an heirloom tomato for dinner (the lady at the checkout counter at fairway looked at me and asked "$4.95 for ONE tomato. do you still want it?" i nodded my head, though i kind of wished she had made the mistake of ringing it up as a regular tomato, like the last time i bought an heirloom tomato). quite extravagant during a recession, but i'm only cooking for one and besides i could not find anything i wanted at topshop in my size. haha.

filet mignon with crumbled goat cheese and balsamic syrup; fingerling potatoes roasted with herbes de provence; caprese salad with fresh mozzarella and heirloom tomato

thanks for all your comments!

RE: html code. i can't take credit for it. although i did take a programming course to fulfill a requirement in engineering school, i'm out of practice and not really that good at it. i figure if the code is already out there, why bother. if you view the source code for any page on my blog you'll find the credit somewhere in there and can even copy it if you like, just keep the tag to give credit where credit is due. i did have to tweak it somewhat, mostly for formatting issues, but the code is pretty simple, especially if you know a bit of html.


  1. this looks sooo comfortable!! what a great summer heat outfit :)

    p.s. don't pay that much for heirloom tomatoes!!! go to the farmers market in union square it's soooo cheap there and so much better than grocery tomatoes. although i do love fairway.. their second floor is heaven for a non-meat eater like me!

  2. ^^ gennie, i'm sure they're better and much cheaper at the farmer's market but damn i just can't stand those crowds! although fairway does get pretty crowded too i guess. next time - i'm sure i'll be buying lots more heirloom tomatoes in the future!

  3. I'm so glad you've started blogging! I used to love your outfits on stylediary. This one is especially nice.

  4. Phwoar! Hot outfit! That lace bralette is such a good idea, because pretty bras simply aren't very supportive... hmm...

    And I want to try this heirloom tomato thing! When you can't find clothes, it's always lovely to be able to indulge in some little luxury. What's so special about an heirloom tomato though?

  5. You're the cutest little thing! And you sooooo chic! I've always loved all of your outfits. I visited your stylediary very often. And I get really happy when you post on tFS(I'm Red Soles).
    I love this post in particular because you included the food, which looks soo delicious!!
    I wanted to ask you something. In most of your post you don't include a handbag, why is that???
    I'm asking because I want a new bag and I need some inspiration, so of course, I came to you!! lol!!! But then I was like: "where are the bags???"

  6. this is so gorgeous! simply perfect

  7. i love the lace bralette. where is it from?