Sunday, April 26, 2009

saturday, april 25th '09

early summer, a gift from the weather gods.

lovely day yesterday, this was the perfect all day-to-all night outfit choice. without the tank underneath i probably would have spent the entire day checking to make sure i wasn't flashing anyone instead of simply enjoying the weather.


ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
ingwa;melero dress (from 2 years ago?)
Jeffrey Campbell gladiators
Cecile Jeanne gold cuff
Theory "Tubular" tank

Outfit Details


  1. my boobs would def not fit in that dress. But it sure is beautiful. The worse thing is to be self consious or uncomfortable so good choice with the tank underneath.

  2. I just love the leather(?) trim on the dress. The addition of the tank top is the perfect way to go for a day look--relaxed and makes the brown trim be the center of attention (without drawing unwanted attention).

  3. great dress,and you look great.
    you look great,you are rigth been worry about flash every one is uncomfortable

  4. you are the html queen! love that the pictures scroll <3

  5. great outfit!!!!
    love the way you combined!

  6. That's a wonderful outfit post! I love the golden cuff!!! And I second Lucrecias comment! What is your HTML-secret? :)
    Great blog!