Tuesday, March 02, 2010

bonus feature

i've created a new page - if you look right above my blog list there's a link labeled "Outfit Archive." it's a handy thumbnail view of all the outfits i posted on my blog. i had a eureka! moment while i was creating a new "summary" post, i thought a new page would be a better way of summarizing outfits. if you click on a picture it will take you to the original blog post. eventually i hope to create a page for my old stylediary outfits.

and now for some work outfits... which are not included in the archive, but you can filter them out via labels...

left: AG Jeans "Angel" bootcut corduroys; Rugby Ralph Lauren Cashmere sweater; Zara cotton vest; Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse scarf; Stuart Weitzman waterproof boots

middle: Steven Alan plaid shirt; Prada mohair vest; Grifoni navy cotton slacks; Clarks UK "desert" boots; Ralph Lauren belt

right: Design History knit blazer; James Perse t-shirt; Portolano cashmere scarf; Clarks UK "desert" boots; Istvan Francer wool pants

fun anecdote about the Istvan Francer pants in the right-most image above. i found them a long, long time ago at a random sample sale in soho. they are the most perfect-fitting pants i own. i remember searching frantically for more information on the designer so that i could buy more pants, but i gave up because there wasn't much out there. i found out, just recently actually, that he is the design director behind Theory.


  1. very cool idea with that thumbnail directory.

  2. well that explains the great fit on the trousers. i always like your work outfit posts.

  3. Love that outfit archive! :)


  4. Really enjoy seeing the work outfit posts - so many fashion blogs only include "special" looks that wouldn't be appropriate in most offices (even web design offices). It's fun to see your style both in and out of the workplace.


  5. wow! this is so considerate!
    sucks that i have no idea how to program hahaha. great work outfits. i'm actually trying to tailor my wardrobe to get more pants like this, as i've found this cut suits my body best.

  6. out of curiosity, what do you do for work outerwear? do you have a go-to coat for work? all your others are quite nice, but they seem to be also very much tailored to your recreational life.
    i also appreciate your posting this since as IGetaFever says, many bloggers post only things they wear on weekends and the corporate bloggers are a bit tepid for my tastes. this is a great middle ground.

  7. Wow! That archive is awesome! What a great idea!
    And now I want to try some theory pants. Well maybe I'll have to wait for a good sale since I'm broke! lol!

  8. Wow! I would love to see how you organise your wardrobe with such a well-organised style blog. Is it all colour co-ordinated? xxx

  9. You werk outfits are the most inspiring things to me on the blog-o-sphere lately. Please post more of them if possible.

    Oh, and as someone who was a faux engineer in a past life - I think you being an engineering and into fashion rocks.

  10. I like the archive.

    I'm still searching for those perfect fitting pants, but I don't have money to try out many designers right now, so it might be awhile before they're found.

  11. i'm going to have copy some of your looks! love!