Saturday, March 13, 2010


leopard scarves - a reader's dilemma...

Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse:

Louis Vuitton scarf; H&M oversized cardigan; Balenciaga leather skinnies; Alaia boots

vs. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen scarf; H&M oversized cardigan; Balenciaga leather skinnies; Chanel boots

it's a tough call, but right now i am loving the alexander mcqueen. it's not as common as the vuitton and the colors are beautiful. it also feels more luxurious and it is slightly bigger. there is also the fact that it is from mcqueen's last collection, which makes me cherish it more.

the vuitton is an absolute classic though. it's so recognizable and makes any outfit instantly chic - if i feel like something's missing from my outfit i just throw on the vuitton scarf and it seems to solve the problem every time. it is the "safer" bet, you will have it and love it forever.

to s.b.: i hope this helps a little - neither scarf is cheap so i know you really have to think about it. the best thing to do is to inspect the scarves up-close before purchasing, if at all possible. let me know if you have other questions.

i too have a dilemma, although not quite as difficult... should i keep this cardigan in both colors? only one? or neither? the beige would be right on-trend for spring, but i'm a sucker for anything black. hmmmm...

p.s. more reader requests on the way - i'm working on a post dedicated to eBay, snapped some pictures of work outerwear for Pennerad, and re: rick owens asymmetrical zipper cardi, currently not for sale but i'll let you know if i ever come across one!

p.p.s. thank you to everyone for your suggestions on new sites to check out and new sources of inspiration. i am going through them slowly and have to say you all are a stylish bunch, i've gotten so many great leads! thank you!!!


  1. i really need those channel motorcycle boots, and they are last season so i can't find them ANYWHERE.. do you have any idea where i would be able to find them?

  2. oh those boots with the metal heel!!! i bought a pair knowing they were a size too small, so reality check i had to send them back. love yours!
    i like the colors of the mcqueen leopard scarf, and usu i dont like leopard in "un-natural" colors.

    keep both cardigans! it's only h&m after all.

  3. I prefer the McQueen scarf, mostly because of the size. Maybe if the LV were tied a bit differently?

    And I really like the H&M cardi in the oatmeal color - it's a bit different. But like -h said above, maybe keep both! They're both pretty basic and I'm sure you'd get a lot of use out of both.

  4. Agree with the ladies above. Keep both cardigans. They're really cute! And I love both looks but if I had to pick one I'd go for the all black with the purple mcqueen! It just looks soo awesome!
    So when are we gonna see a pic of your shoe collection????

  5. thanks so much for posting! i thought i'd just see an email, this helps so much to see it side by side on you. i had the same thoughts about the lv x sprouse classic but i love the fullness of mcqueens and the same fact that it is from his last collection. i'm huge mcqueen fan. decisions decisions but i'm definitely leaning towards mcqueen. =)

  6. keep both! i agree with everyone, they are great basics and you'll use them differently.

  7. I'm not huge fan of leopard print - except in details like scarves and shoes. I love both of yours, but the vibrant shades of that McQueen one are clearly the winner for me. But on the other hand the recognizability is almost a negative for me, so I might not be too objective with this.

  8. i'm not really a fan of leopard usually, but i love the colors of the mcqueen!

  9. I'm guessing the H&M is pretty cheap, so I'd keep both. But the cool detail of buttons etc doesn't really stand out on the black, so I do prefer the greige.

    As for the scarves, I think two is definitely way too many. So I reckon you need to send me one. Either one will do ;) xxx

  10. Love both looks! So cool how they are essentially the same pieces but in different colors. If it were me, I would choose the LV scarf... I like both of them but the McQueen one looks like it would be a little harder to wear because of the color being so outrageous.

  11. Dude, you need that McQueen scarf. I think the colours are beautiful.

  12. Oh yes - keep both of those cardigans, the shape is great! And fabric looks nice, too.

  13. oatmeal cardi & LV scarf....even tho i'm normally an all-black girl, I love the oatmeal so much that my heart hurts that H&M is 3 hrs away! and the mcqueen is too trendy imo even tho it's lovely.

  14. ha! thx for the shout out!
    i personally love both cardigans and scarves, but would lean more toward the McQueen as it's less on-trend; it's a collector's piece; and you can get an 'everyday scarf' just about anywhere.
    i notice i've been building my flat/boot collection to mimic yours. i feel like quite the boring new yorker sans heels, but i quite like it this way. too much walking does not a comfy heel wearer make.

  15. the mcqueen scarf is really gorgeous. the jewel tones make it look so rich, and i too love the larger size.

    as for the cardigans, i like both, but prefer the black. i think it makes the shape look more dramatic. so if you had to choose, i'd choose that one. ~joelle

  16. oooh that cardigan is beautiful! I love the oatmeal-y color and the silhouette.