Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sunday, grocery day

the weather gods smiled upon us in the northeast last weekend, i was able to run around in short shorts without a heavy winter coat :-)


i keep reminding myself that sunday is the absolute worst day to go grocery shopping and vow to go earlier in the weekend, but life usually gets in the way and i find myself stuck in trader joe's fighting people traffic with my cart and glaring at whoever grabbed the last of the organic kiwis...


this outfit was just a casual sunday outfit, but i feel like it was more fashion-blogosphere-inspired than usual. the "fashion blogger look" on my bloglovin'/chictopia/lookbook updates is getting a bit too predictable and homogeneous these days so if anyone has any recommendations for new blogs for me to check out, please share. preferably more forward-looking than retro/vintage inspired, not overly trendy, and please, NO POSTS ABOUT CLOGS!!! i don't care if they're chanel. lol. thanks.

ITEMS (rollover mouse to view detailed picture)
Zara linen-blend t-shirt
Prps distressed denim b00ty shorts (old, from Intermix warehouse sale/NYC)
Yves Saint Laurent "le smoking" jacket (old, from eBay)
Alexander McQueen animal print cashmere-blend pashmina
Wolford Velvet de Luxe denier 66 tights
vintage Moschino belt
Lanvin classic patent leather flats (old, from Barneys sale)
Oliver Peoples "Elsie" sunglasses

Outfit Details


  1. I'd change the source all together, and look at magazines, movies, or people watch. I like your version, more refined than what other bloggers do.
    Cool scarf! Did you get that on your last nyc trip?

  2. Love the look books on this site and how they style things.

  3. Here's the site...Love the look books on this site and how they style things.

  4. ^^ yes, great idea! it will be rainy this weekend, perfect for magazine browsing and movie watching. and yes, the scarf was purchased in nyc... so much for "just ogling" at the mcqueen boutique, hehe.

    ^ anon, i recognize the site name, i will definitely check out those lookbooks. thanks for the suggestion!

  5. You might already know about dropsnap (, but I find the Japanese a little bit different than the rest of the blogging world.

  6. been having the same problem, hence my obsession with your blog. i've been avoiding lookbook like the plague and bloglovin' has turned up nothing that excites me. let me know what you find!

  7. I agree with -h, change the source.

    Maybe try

  8. You look lovely! I've been looking for that belt on ebay for a while but I never find the right one. Ok, ok, I'm too cheap! I always get outbid! Anyway, the scarf looks great! I like the totokaelo blog. And I also love some of the looks on this blog:

  9. Don't like clogs too! Even if they are Chanel :)

  10. Matching belts! I took mine from my mother's closet but I don't wear it as often as I should.

  11. absolutely one of the most amazing scarves i've seen in a long time.

    alice d.

  12. That scarf is so stunning. I always look like such a scrub when I go grocery shopping!

  13. Thanks for being such a great inspiration! It's my first time here and I love the way you put your items together. I look forward to reading more!! :]

    Chris @

  14. I like the vintage Moschino belt.
    But I'm quite sure they still make them ...
    Love your blog!
    Hilary tsui's a hongkong celeb/store owner. I recently found her blog, and she's got amazing style.

  15. I agree 100%! I can't even look at the clogs but! Never say never in fashion...But definitely I can't see myself wearing them in the future.

    Ps: I love your look, Scarf is excellent too, still can't choose LV or MQ though! Both great.

  16. Your comment about no clogs made me laugh out loud. So true, just because they are chanel doesn't mean they need to be bought.

    a few sites I read daily to try:

    good luck!
    Sydney Page

  17. loved the scarf!!! check it out