Thursday, April 01, 2010

a nerd plans a shopping trip

homeward-bound in a couple of hours. here's what i'll be doing this weekend (there's a link below the map for the full-sized version):

View Easter Weekend Shopping Trip in a larger map

if i get good feedback from you guys i can map out other neighborhoods - like the upper east side or upper west side, and i can even do one for philly maybe.

and here is my shopping list...

yeah right, i wish! this is my (completely unattainable) wishlist/moodboard:spring 2010 wishlist
spring 2010 wishlist by koko_puff

Bliss Lau chain bra; Maison Martin Margiela brass belt; Raquel Allegra peach shredded dress; Alexander McQueen knuckle duster; Christian Loboutin Louis studded sneakers; 3.1 Phillip Lim leather tank; Alexander McQueen skull scarf; Cacharel oversized sweater; Burberry knotted leggings; Maison Martin Margiela oversized shirt dress; Missoni wrap tube top; Rick Owens Lilies skirt; Maison Martin Margiela nail heel shoes; Rick Owens asymmetric t-shirt dress; Pamela Love rosary necklace; Rick Owens resin winged cuff bracelet; Stella McCartney strapless linen jumpsuit; Hermes collier de chien belt; Repossi gold ring; Marni red platform sandals

have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. That shopping map is such a great idea - and looks like a weekend of fun! The weather will be perfect for it. Enjoy and happy hunting!

  2. This is the cutest post ever. Viva los nerds!

  3. My favorites are the MM shirt dress and the ROL skirt! Sooo cute! I can't wait to see what you get! Have fun!!!

  4. If I ever get a chance to go back to ny, I'm definitely checking out c21. I've only ever been to a filene basement in boston...
    The MMM belt! It reminds me of this massive metal "Chastity Belts" that Dolce & Gabbana showed on the runway a few years ago, it was all very Madonna "Erotica." I am obsessed with those belts. I've seen the MMM nail heels/boots pop up on yoox. I saw this cool body chain jewelry called Armor via Haute Macabre Have fun on your trip! You always find the most awesome spoils.

  5. Looks great! Let us know how you get on...I must create a map before I leave NY.

  6. happy travels!

    what WILL you be actually buying?

    i'd just camp out at c21 for a few days. might get some good stuff.

    and you probably know this but the MMM stuff pops up on ebay quite a bit.

  7. This will be a perfect weekend for shopping! Hope you find most of what you're looking for.

    Btw, I got your Tomaso shirt from the swap and it's beautiful!

  8. This is a great shopping list and sounds like a fun-filled weekend. I'm thinking of making a trip to NYC soon and this map is very helpful as you list some stores that I'd love to check out if I visit.

  9. I love that bra! Well, I love pretty much everything on that wishlist, but especially the bra!

  10. was in century 21 friday night. they had a whole 4 way of rick, with some pugh mixed in & a ton of lilies, including some skirts. happy shopping! can't wait to see what you get.

  11. I LOVE that you made a shopping map, and it's totally not nerdy. I mean, maybe in a place where you have a car, it's not so important, but in this city of ours, it really sucks when you're at Barneys and realize you didn't go to to Filene's. It's a bummer!


    Ms. Seberg

  12. God I need to get down to Century 21 ASAP. Boston shopping just doesn't compare to NYC.

  13. hahah yay for nerds! my shopping plans look similarly nerdy, except that i am so terrible at following maps, i also have to hand-write instructions to myself (eg 'look to your right for a dunkin donuts. walk toward that and keep going till you get to the next street...' yep, even in nyc, the easiest city to navigate).

    anyway, i love your inspiration board! the bracelet is so gorgeous, and on my wants list as well. i saw someone wearing a bracelet from bcbg that looked similar. the leather tank is drool-inducing too. ~joelle

  14. this is off-topic but I know you were looking for new blogs to check out and I came across this one today. She's pretty interesting imo.

    and no clogs! :-)